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High purity, platinum cured and USP Class VI silicone, Pharmaflex™ is Flextech’s answer to the stringent hygiene requirements of the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Biotechnology and Life Science industries. We first introduced Pharmaflex™ in 2014 to offer a hose that offers unrivaled cleanliness properties and since then it has made its way into companies of all shapes and sizes to whom hygiene is of utmost importance.


Below you’ll find some important information about Pharmaflex™ – construction, applications, temperature range and pressure range – to help you make informed choices. There are slight variations with these details depending on the Pharmaflex™ model used. The below is meant as a guide.


– Construction – High purity platinum cured extruded silicone smoothbore liner, stainless steel helix with layers of polyester braid/and a close pitch steel wire, high purity platinum cured silicone (Translucent of White)

– Applications: Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and lifesciences industries such as feeding pumps, drug dispensing equipment, diagnostic equipment and processing equipment

– Temperature range: -60°c to +200°c

– Pressure Rating: Up to 20 bar working pressure & 60 bar burst pressure